Welcome to Valuing Creativity

Welcome to our project:

The meaning(s) of value: Measuring the Impact of Creative Activities upon children and young people with learning disabilities

This project is a partnership between The Research Centre for Social Change and Community Wellbeing at Manchester Metropolitan University  and Purple Patch Arts.  The research is funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Grant Scheme and runs from April, 2016 – May, 2017.

We are all working together to find out about disabled children and young people’s engagement with arts education.  We are listening to children and young people and from those working with them to learn about how arts-based education can make an impact in their lives.

This project came about because we know that the voices of disabled children and those close to them are often missing in research about arts-based education. We think this needs to change.

Please follow this blog to find out about the research as it unfolds or contact us to find out more:

Katherine Runswick-Cole
Senior Research Fellow
Manchester Metropolitan University

Fran Rodgers
Projects Manager
Purple Patch Arts
5 Green Street
Bradford BD1 5HG


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