When maths tastes fun…


I’m guessing that not many people reading this blog will think that maths tastes fun, but today, in Yorkshire, maths tasted like fun!


After a session on patterning which teased the taste buds with pictures of sweets and fast food restaurants, we began an activity about how to code. A series of tempting (and not so tempting) foods appeared on the tables in front of the children. In small plastic pots, we discovered chocolate, Smarties, raisins, crisps, bread, cauliflower and a mystery food – which turned out to be capers.

The children touched, smelled and tasted (some) of the food, identifying if it was sweet or savoury, squishy or solid or big or small. Each attribute became part of a secret code:

Sweet = 1

Savoury = 2

Squishy = 3

Solid = 4

Big = 5

Small = 6

Each individual food was coded, so that chocolate became 1, 4, 5 (it was a big bar) while capers were 2, 3, 6 (they are savoury, small and squishy). Once all the food stuffs were coded, each group chose a food and made a secret code to share with the other group of children. “You chose capers!” and “You chose raisins!”

So today in Yorkshire you can see that maths did indeed taste a lot like fun!


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