Why bother with arts-based education for children with SEND?

This week, we’re delighted that our research is featured in the Times Educational Supplement Online, you can read about it here:



One thought on “Why bother with arts-based education for children with SEND?

  1. Anne Constable says:

    As the SENCO in a mainstream secondary school with a Creative Arts specialism I would definitely agree that the creative arts have a significant positive impact on the students we support. All our students have to take an arts subject to GCSE/BTEC and to see the opportunities for language, social and creative development is at times breathtaking. To say nothing of the boost to self esteem when students with significant SEN achieve a good grade in their arts subject – sometimes the only GCSE they pass at an A*-C. We have some fantastic dance/drama/art/music teachers who through their teaching give students the confidence to believe in themselves just a little bit more, and that’s invaluable. Unfortunately many of these subjects no longer count in school accountability measures so more and more schools are feeling the pressure to drop them in favour of more academic subjects.


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